The New Secrid Wallet... Yard


    Are you looking for an alternate leather? Well we have it. Secrid just recently came out with a new design, the Yard wallet


     The wallets are engineered from a microfibre that is meant to replace the leather that Secrid usually uses in their wallets. They are very durable wallets as they also have a unique touch to them. They are produced in Germany and are assembled in Holland. 


       These wallets have a very bright and unique color and feel to them, cause by the microfibres. This material meets the highest environmental standards. 


       Overall these wallets are great and exceed expectations on what you would think it is. It not only has a microfibre that is great for an alternative to leather but they also protect your credit cards from fraud. They also help in downsizing from a huge wallet to a tiny wallet you can fit in your pocket. These extraordinary wallets don't just protect your from fraud but they are also very durable which is great especially considering the price point of these wallets. These wallets are definetly worth every penny in the long run.