A Purpose Made Into a Clothing Line - Raw for the Oceans-G-Star Raw

One hundred years ago, fears about our ecosystems and the future of our planet were non-existent. We live in a time now that people have growing concern regarding the future well being and sustainability of our ecosystems and our planet. Will these concerns comes an obligation for change. 
One small step towards change has begun when well-known singer/music producer Pharrell Williams collaborated with G-STAR and introduced their Eco-sustainable line Raw For The Oceans. 
Raw For The Oceans is s movement of clothing made from all the recycled plastics harbouring in our oceans. With a four step process, we are saving the oceans and creating sustainable clothing all at the same time. According to the UN Environmental Programme, there are six times more plastic waste than phytoplankton in all oceans with a minimum of 46,000 floating pieces of plastic for every square kilometer of Earth’s oceans in its entirety. 
The first step in creating sustainable clothing is to retrieve all and any plastics from the oceans that they can collect. 
The next step in preparation, the retrieved plastics are then broken up into tiny plastic chips and ground into fibres to be ready to be spun into yarns. 
Ocean plastic fibres are spun into strong core yarn and then helixed with cotton, making Bionic® yarn.
The innovation is complete with the weaving or knitting of Bionic® yarn into RAW for the Oceans fabrics.
Being a small boutique in Victoria, people are always intrigued and excited and anything that betters our waters and our environment. When we first brought in G-STAR Raw For The Oceans, we had nothing but positive reviews.
With the loud statement that some of the pieces make, people can't NOT take a second look and maybe think to themselves, 'hmm, what are we doing to the oceans?'. These are the kind of messages that Pharrell Williams and G-STAR hoped to put into people's head and start making changes one step at a time and one piece of plastic at a time.