Secrid Twinwallet Crisple Purple RFID Secure authorized dealer genuine leather

$159.95 CAD

Double the carry, not the size

With two Cardprotectors to hold double the content, the Twinwallet carries up to 16 cards, banknotes and receipts, but remains compact in size. Together with its sturdy closure and exterior, to hold extra cards, banknotes and receipts, the Twinwallet holds much but remains compact in size.


  • 8 embossed or 12 flat cards

  • 4 extra cards

  • Banknotes

  • Business cards

  • Receipts

The leather chosen for our wallets does not require any regular maintenance.

If your wallet does get dirty or wet, there are several steps you may want to take to ensure the leather’s look and feel. Depending on the type of leather, there are two ways to go about this. Water repellent leather

No regular maintenance needed. If your wallet gets dirty, use a damp cloth. The leather is unlikely to absorb water or other materials. Do not use any polish.

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