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Bags are simple in nature, but complex when mastered. For us, the creative process always starts with the material. We work meticulously to find the best mix of functionality, durability and aesthetics, while not compromising on sustainability. As material science continues to develop at a rapid pace, we aim to always be ahead of the curve.
Our products are tested for waterproofing via Intertek’s first-class laboratory facilities, as well as abrasion and colour fastness to ensure longevity. They are also PETA-Approved Vegan.

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Rullen 13” Backpack Dark BlueRullen 13” Backpack Dark Blue
Rullen 13” Backpack OliveRullen 13” Backpack Olive
Rullen 13” Backpack TaupeRullen 13” Backpack Taupe
Rullen 13” Backpack BlackRullen 13” Backpack Black
Tate Backpack Dark BlueTate Backpack Dark Blue
Tate Backpack BlackTate Backpack Black
Rillen 16” Backpack BlackRillen 16” Backpack Black
Splash 2.0 16” Backpack Dark BlueSplash 2.0 16” Backpack Dark Blue
Splash 2.0 16” Backpack TaupeSplash 2.0 16” Backpack Taupe
Splash 2.0 16” Backpack OliveSplash 2.0 16” Backpack Olive
Splash 2.0 16” Backpack BlackSplash 2.0 16” Backpack Black
Splash 2.0 13” Backpack Dark BlueSplash 2.0 13” Backpack Dark Blue
Splash 2.0 13” Backpack OliveSplash 2.0 13” Backpack Olive
Splash 2.0 13” Backpack TaupeSplash 2.0 13” Backpack Taupe
Splash 2.0-13” Backpack BlackSplash 2.0-13” Backpack Black