From Day To Night - The Perfect Dress Shirt

Do you have an important business meeting? A summer wedding? A night out with your friends? Whatever the occasion is... we have the perfect dress shirt for each and every one of them. If it is conservative with a splash of fun you are looking for, or the crowd stand out shirt that nobody else will have, we offer excellent variety through three different companies. We offer multiple styles and sizes from Bertigo, Ethan Williams, and our newest addition Au Noir.
 Bertigo is our first line of shirts we carried. Beginning 5 years ago, we have consistently brought in the most fun and bright coloured styles. With the signature contrast cuff and stitched crown above the second button - you are able to spot a Bertigo shirt from amongst the crowd. With the finest fabrics, you wouldn't believe it was 100% cotton you were wearing. If you are looking for a wild and fun shirt, these will not disappoint you.
 Along with their dress shirts, we also carry their Italian made socks, swim suits, and leather belts. 
Carrying this line since the company was first established, the men of Victoria had a helping hand in promoting the new company. Beginning with a Montreal designer based out of Miami, these are the perfect shirts for the conservative man who still wants to make a statement. Again having the contrast overturned cuff, you have the versitility from your business meeting to removing your jacket, rolling up the cuffs, and you are ready for a casual night out with your friends or your significant other. 
The newest addition to our dress shirt collection - Au Noir. Designed, stylized, and developed in Montreal then created in Turkey, you are sure to have a perfect shirt every time. With the fold up cuff garnishes, as well as the inner collar and button placket garnishes, these details make an Au Noir shirt ... an original Au Noir shirt.
The diagonal button holes and signature 3-button detailing with the top buttons are just more signature touches this company has implemented for originality. 
Men, with these three very different lines of dress shirts, there is surely the perfect shirt hanging on our rack waiting for you to take home.