Venque TRANSFORMER A Black Bag Backpack RFID

$179 CAD $249 CAD
Introducing you to our newest bag of the collection, The Transformer A. It's modular, transformable, and has smart technology built in. It's our largest volume bag in the collection, sitting at 25 litres.

The Transformer A comes with two separate bags, the main body backpack and the modular messenger bag. The modular messenger bag can easily attach to the main body for extra storage, used on its own, or left behind. The main body is 25L and can fit all of your daily needs for work and school. The modular messenger bag is perfect for traveling, taking photos, or going to the gym. It also comes with removable separations for organizing your lens, camera body, and accessories; it can fit one camera, two lenses, and your accessories but is expandable to let you fit even more. The Transformer A is an ideal companion for your active lifestyle.

With this bag, there are two built-in technology components to help you with your active lifestyle. The first is a USB charging station. With a built-in USD cord and port, you can quickly and conveniently charge your phone or any device without taking out the power bank. The second is a built-in RFID protected pocket. This pocket was created to protect your wallet; this pocket will block any transmissions from other devices if you travel to a high traffic area.

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