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  • Tense Wooden Watch Automatic Skeleton - Rosewood/ Dark Sandalwood


Tense Wooden Watch Automatic Skeleton - Rosewood/ Dark Sandalwood

$1,160.00 CAD


This men's wood watch shows hourly and second markers on a circular face. The Columbia Watch is made from 100% recycled and reclaimed wood, with stainless steel crown and scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal. It has our premium automatic skeleton movement that doesn't require a battery. It winds on it's own powered by body movement when worn. All Tense automatic movements are made by hand and contain 21 jewels. All Tense Watch pieces are hypoallergenic, adjustable in size and built in Canada.

2 year manufacturers warranty 

Wood Type
African Rosewood, also referred to as Bubinga, offers up some of the world’s most beautiful lumber owing to the wood’s tight grain and dark attractive colors. While typically orange at first, the tree’s wood transforms into a stunning reddish hue when worked. Due to the wood’s interlocking grain, working with African Rosewood can be a challenge to work with because of its unyielding nature and difficulty bending. African Sandalwood is a small shrubby African tree that yields a hard wood and is found growing in woodlands on acidic soil where the species typically dominates the surrounding area. While the tree features distinctive reddish flowers, the wood itself is medium and dark brown and releases a pleasant smell. Typically used in the manufacturing of furniture and curios, the wood is an excellent carving medium and perfect for making our wooden watches.

Case Height
44 mm

Case Thickness
11 mm

Case Width
53 mm

Stainless steel