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  • Secrid Slimwallet Recycled Natural
  • Secrid Slimwallet Recycled Natural
  • Secrid Slimwallet Recycled Natural


Secrid Slimwallet Recycled Natural

$95.00 CAD$95.00


Secrid wallets are wallets with just that little bit. And that little bit extra has a name: the Secrid Cardprotector. Thanks to an innovative sliding system, the required card can be located in one simple action. Moreover the ultra-thin aluminum Cardprotector protects bank cards and credit cards not only against bending and breakage, but also against the undesired trading of RFID And NFC cards.

68 x 102 x 16 mm

4 embossed cards or 6 flat cards

Business cards


6 extra cards

Geuine Leather

European leather
68 x 102 x 16 mm
72 grams

The Slimwallet resembles the Miniwallet, but has no press stud closure and is even slimmer. The Slimwallet fits easily into the breast pocket of a jacket.

Slimwallet leather is cut wider than the leather of the Miniwallet, providing space for extra cards, bills, business cards, and receipts. The Slimwallet is less suitable for coins.

Learn more about the leather we use for our Secrid wallets.