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Pullin Men’s Underwear Master French bulldog Organic cotton

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Our organic cotton boxers come in two shapes (short and long) and styles (printed and plain color).

  • Jacquard elastic waistband woven in Italy or in France
  • Organic cotton
  • Printed in Portugal
  • Snug-fit boxers
  • Preformed and lined front pocket
  • 3D effect seams at the back.
  • Extreme comfort and support
  • Woven label at the back

Made in Portugal.

MASTER COTTON FRENCHBULL are multicolored men's snug-fit boxers in organic cotton with rounded seams at the back for a more shapely bottom.

The wide Jacquard elastic waistband has the PULLIN logo at the front and a woven pinch label at the back.

  • Main fabric: 95% Organic Cotton - 5% Elastane. Origin: Portugal.
  • Elastic waistband: 60% Nylon - 25% Polyester - 15% Elastane. Origin: Italy.

Made in Portugal.

Our cotton is organic, safe for your health and guaranteed to pose zero risk to the environment! Our organic cotton is grown using organic farming methods which are regulated under strict controls. No insecticides or herbicides have been used on the soil in which it grows within at least the three previous years. The absence of chemical herbicides on organic cotton soil is advantageous because it allows the soil to regenerate more rapidly and does not present any danger to species living in its vicinity.

Cultivated with natural compost that replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides makes it a non-GMO cotton. In addition, irrigation is reduced by half compared to conventional cotton growing. The absence of chemical pesticides gives the cotton a much softer and suppler feel. During the manufacturing process, the fiber is whitened with hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine dioxide.

The dyes made in Portugal by our certified OEKO-TEX factory are free from heavy metals and carcinogenic substances. The printing of our cotton fabric is fully executed in France.

Pullin Men’s Underwear Master French bulldog Organic cotton
Pullin Men’s Underwear Master French bulldog Organic cotton Sale price$46.00 CAD