G-Star Men’s Shoes RACKAM Scuba Mid Black Corduroy high top

$119.99 CAD $190 CAD


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION• A seasonal update of the Rackam Scuba collection in 18.2 Main.• The original G-Star Scuba sneaker has been turned inside out,having the inner lace up exposed as the key feature.• Additional vulcanized out-sole layering provides a new recognizable designlanguage linked to the “Rackam” story and gives this vulcanized out-solemore “body” suitable for the winter season.• As a seasonal update we combine corduroy in servant blue and black asmain upper material mixed it with materials commonly employed withinG-Star DNA.


  • Flat & low (<3cm)
  • Laces
  • NHH-No Heel
  • Vulcanized
  • Materials

    A851 - Corduroy




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