AuNoir Men’s Made in Canada 🇨🇦 Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Garnett Red Multi

$179 CAD


Launching its first locally made collections this year after acquiring chemise empire in  2019- 125 years of history and experience in shirts and uniforms.

This is a collection of comfortable, performance stretch, fashionable dressy and casual shirts. Stand out from the crowd, thanks to Au Noirs cleaver use of contrasting patterns and sophisticated details. Comfortable with a high quality, performance and stretch cotton fabric. 

- Asymmetrical Buttonholes, signature Au Noir

- 3 buttons grouped together at the top of the front  placket, signature Au Noir.

- Multiple Embroidery detailing, signature Au Noir.

- Elegant ceramic button on sleeve placket, Au Noir signature. 

- Canadian owned and designed brand

- Machine wash cold and hand to dry. 

- Comfortable modern-fit shirt, to wear tucked in or out of pants.

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