$99 CAD $159 CAD

Navy Check shirt with turquoise contrasting stripes
Colorful artistic cuff and button placket liner fabric
Au Noir 3 button signature

100% Cotton

Made in Turkey

With a focus on the finer details that make a shirt great, Au Noir is quickly becoming a favorite shirt brand for men around the world. The Montreal based designer shirt brand produces high quality button down shirts that bring a sophisticated style to any man's look. Each shirt is crafted in Turkey using the finest materials and cutting edge techniques. The result is a comfortable and gorgeous range of designs perfect for any occasion. Au Noir designer shirts really stand out when it comes to their detailing. Every shirt features embroidery below the cuff and above the top button hole inside the shirt. These little details are a subtle demonstration of the excellent quality and designer name being worn. The details of an Au Noir shirt go beyond embroidery, too. The designer shirts feature contrasting fold up cuff garnishes, as well as contrasting button plackets and inner collars. These add a splash of vibrancy to plain shirts and make a real fashion statement without going over the top. The leather cuff clasp used in certain designs are also a great detail that can make a quietly bold statement.

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